I sommar äger International Summer Academy of Baroque Dance rum för sjätte gången på Löftadalens Folkhögskola i Åsa.

Den 23-29 juni är nybörjare och deltagare med viss erfarenhet av barockdans välkomna och den 7-13 juli är professionella deltagare välkomna. Hälften av platserna kommer släppas den 15 januari och hälften den 15 april. Är du intresserad av att söka så finns mer information på Nordic baroque dancers hemsida.

Karin Modigh, konstnärlig ledare för Nordic Baroque Dancers, skriver:

There is no dance without dancers and there is no choreography without choreographers. Often these two occupations overlap, sometimes not. We are eternally grateful for the heritage left to us by choreographers and notators from the 18th century, but we must also remember that “the dancer’s body is the only true museum of dance”, as stated by the dancer/choreographer Boris Charmatz.
So what happens when these ”body museums”, coloured by their baroque dance training, start improvising and composing? If we look at the milestone baroque dance productions that have seen the light of the day since mid-20th century, they were all due to the creativity, the courage and the inspiration of the creators-choreographers. And if our field is to live on, we must give space, and seize the space, for new creativity whilst recognising the profound knowledge found in the original sources.

It is with great enthusiasm that we present the theme of 2019: “Improvisation & Composition”. Some of the most renowned creators and improvisers in the field of baroque dance will be at Löftadalen this summer to share their experiences with you, and help your own creativity to blossom.

Together with the dance department team at Löftadalen Conservatory, we are proud to present the programme for the 6th edition, and we hope to see you there!

Karin Modigh
Artistic Director of Nordic Baroque Dancers


Foto: Sebastien Andreini, Compagnie Fêtes Galantes/ Béatrice Massin.
Foto: Sebastien Andreini, Compagnie Fêtes Galantes/ Béatrice Massin.